Church Staff

Pastor: Franke Zollman
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Assoc. Pastor: Kandace Zollman
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Franke Zollman was born in southern Indiana, where he roamed the countryside, picked and ate tomatoes right off the vines, and where he was introduced to Jesus.  He decided to commit to follow Jesus when he was eleven years old, dutifully being baptized in his little country church, but not completely aware of what the commitment was all about. When he decided to go to college at Andrews University in Michigan to study math and chemistry, it seemed like a giant step away from all that was familiar. But the Lord had even more drastic changes planned for him, for  at the beginning of his sophomore year He unexpectedly called Franke to the gospel ministry. For the first time, Franke understood the concept of the grace of Jesus, and the impact of that concept for him was life changing. During his years of study, he met a young woman who also had a passion for serving Jesus, and the two of them dreamed of someday having the opportunity to minister together as a team.  Franke and Kandace were married in 1977. Franke completed his Bachelors of Arts in Theology  in 1978, and his Masters of Divinity in 1980, both from Andrews University. In the next few years the young couple lived and ministered in several locations in Indiana, and added another  Zollman to the household:  their daughter, Allison. In 1986, after years of rural ministry, the Lord called them to work in the very different environment of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  It was there that Franke rounded out his education, part of which was completing his Doctorate of Ministry from degree from Andrews University in 1996. When called back to the Midwest to pastor the Mt. Vernon, Ohio, congregation, the Zollmans packed up and headed west again, this time carrying with them their second child, Nathan.  There they raised their children on a ten acre “farm”, complete with a variety of horses, sheep, goats, cats and dogs. After ten years the Lord opened up the opportunity for them to move to Maryland, where they have lived since 2003. Franke strives to create sermons that challenge the hearts and minds of his hearers, has a strong desire to reach out to the community with the message of Jesus’ love, and has a passion for history and archaeology. In 2013, the 35 year old dream came true when Kandace was called to work with Franke as the associate pastor of the Williamsport Seventh-day Adventist Church. The couple now also have two beautiful grandsons who proudly call him “Poppa”.




Kandace Smith Zollman was born and raised in the suburbs of Akron, Ohio—and never even mowed a lawn, much less ever picked a tomato!  Raised in a non-Christian family, Kandace was taken to church by her grandmother, and it was there that the assurance of God’s love and plan for her life began drawing Kandace to Him.  When she was baptized in middle school, she began to feel like she didn’t fit in at her local public school, and her grandmother paid for her to attend a Seventh-day Adventist private school. She thrived in the Christian environment there and, after high school graduation, decided to attend college at Andrews University.  There she chose to pursue a degree in Religion, though that was not a popular degree for young women at the time.  Not long after, she met a young theology student from Indiana—and by the next fall they returned to the Andrews campus happily married! Together they looked forward to the time when they would be able to minister together as a team.  In 1980 Kandace graduated with a BA in Religion with a Health minor—the same quarter that Franke completed his Master of Divinity degree.  When they were given their first pastoral assignment in Indianapolis, Indiana, Kandace was asked to work as an elementary school teacher.  Though she had no background in education, she had a passion for working with children—and in the next thirty years ended up teaching  everything from pre-school to high school.  Wanting to further pursue her education, Kandace completed a Masters degree in Counseling from the University of Evansville in 1984.  Eventually she accepted a position of even higher calling--becoming “momma” to Allison Leigh in 1985, and to Nathan Jon in 1989. For many years she worked part time giving Bible studies, counseling and teaching, but threw the greatest part of her energies into being a mother and raising her children to love and serve Jesus.  When the Zollmans were called to work in Williamsport, Maryland in 2003, Allison headed off to college and Kandace began working part time at Mt. Aetna Adventist School.  The job eventually became full time, and soon afterwards Kandace ended up serving as principal for eight years. After battling ongoing health issues  the Lord led her to resign her school position, and it was soon afterward that He opened a new career for her—as associate pastor of the Williamsport Seventh-day Adventist Church working as a team with Franke!  Kandace has retained her passion for working with children and young people, and also studies and counsels with individuals who are seeking Jesus and His peace.  And when she gets a chance to get away and be “Gramomma”,  there are two little boys in Ohio who need to be spoiled!